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About Us

Has always been our company, born in a family in 1998, it combines passion and professionalism, cultivating according to the Bronte pistachio traditions, handed down from generation to generation, along with coffee roasting and other roasted products.

The transformation of raw materials, the quality standards, ensures the consumer to high-end products, such as pests and creams.

In addition to the processing of pistachio, we engaged in the processing of dried fruits, such as hazelnut.

Dolce Pistacchio decides to put on the table of their customers 100% natural products, high quality, from producer to consumer. Early in the Bronte territory to produce toasted pistachios and salty.

Pistachios in detail

The pistachio (from greek Pistàkion) is a plant native to the Mediterranean region, cultivated for its seeds, which are used for direct consumption in cooking and to flavor the meat sausages.

It is no exaggeration to say it is an old plant as much as the world.

Was known and grown, in fact, from ancient and even then considered a precious fruit.

Also it was used by eastern populations as a plant with curative principles, powerful aphrodisiac and as an antidote to animal bites.

The Arabs landed in Sicily in 827 A.D. and become masters of the whole island around 902 A.D. in those years began cultivation.

"Sciare" in the territory of Bronte An extraordinary union between the plant and the lava terrain that constantly fertilized by volcanic ash, favored the production of a fruit that from the point of view of taste and aroma, such as quality exceeds the remaining production world.

Today the vast territory Bronte (25.00 hectares) are planted with pistachio nearly 4,000 hectares of lava ground, with limited arable layer with steep and rugged slopes, little usable for other crops.

The cultures are essentially and strictly biological.
Eat wellDemo Live well
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0 Products - EUR 0,00
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